Services & Fees

You can retain QuantStreet for personalized financial planning and custom portfolio management, or you can just choose to invest in one of QuantStreet’s existing strategies. We also offer external portfolio management and subadvising services to investment advisers and asset managers.

QuantStreet is pleased to offer our clients the following services:

1. Personalized Financial Planning

We’ll meet with you to consider your existing financial plan, current investments, and long-term goals. The outcome of this process is a comprehensive assessment of your current holdings and a recommended path forward. Financial planning clients do not pay an additional fee for QuantStreet’s investing strategies.

Fee: 1% of assets under management annually.

2. Investing in a QuantStreet Strategy

QuantStreet offers three investing strategies. You can choose from our low risk, moderate, or aggressive strategies. We can help you decide which strategy is the best fit based on your goals and circumstances. The moderate risk strategy targets the risk level of an 80% stock/20% bond portfolio, with the lower risk and aggressive strategies adjusted accordingly.

Fee: 0.7% of assets under management annually.

3. Custom Portfolio Management

We can build custom portfolios based on your unique circumstances. Whether you have restricted stock from your employer, own a company, or have other other relevant considerations, we design portfolios that take into account your unique circumstances and goals.

Fee: 1% of assets under management annually.

4. Model Delivery Subscription

On a monthly basis, subscribers receive two sets of ETF-based model portfolios: (1) base portfolios, which reflect long-term risk-return tradeoffs in markets; and (2) tactical portfolios, which dynamically respond to changing market conditions. Our model portfolio subscriptions target investment advisers, family offices, and other professional investors.

Fee: Sliding scale depending on your AUM and chosen level of service.

5. Consulting

You can retain QuantStreet for a full suite of consulting services. We can help with risk management, asset allocation, writing market analysis pieces, and refining your investment process to take into account the latest analytical tools and finance theories.

Fee: Hourly rate or flat fee, depending on the project.

6. OCIO/Subadvising

We offer external portfolio management, outside chief investment officer, and subadvising services to investment advisers and portfolio managers, so you can focus on your clients while we provide professional investing and portfolio management. We are also glad to advise and invest for family offices.

Fee: Customized to meet your business needs.

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Fee: Customized to meet your business needs.