Our Story

With over two decades of experience studying financial markets – as a portfolio manager at some of the world’s largest financial institutions and most recently as a professor at Columbia Business School – our founder, Dr. Harry Mamaysky, was frequently approached by friends and family seeking investing advice.

Over the years, Harry realized that individual investors and their financial advisers often lack access to the kinds of resources and strategies used by sophisticated financial institutions.

Dr. Harry Mamaysky“Individual investors often end up investing on their own, taking advice from people who lack significant investing experience, or putting their money into funds that charge extremely high fees.”

Harry wanted to create a better option, and QuantStreet was his solution: sophisticated advice, reasonable fees, and a thoughtful approach to risk that many investors and asset managers aren’t getting elsewhere. 

With extensive experience in law, compliance, and organizational management, QuantStreet’s co-founder, Isaac Mamaysky, had been one of the people asking Harry for investing advice.

“To non-professional investors, making good investing decisions can feel a bit like walking in the dark. Research actually shows that individual investors often buy when they should sell, sell when they should buy, trade too much, and otherwise don’t make the same kinds of decisions as professional money managers.”

Seeing QuantStreet’s tremendous potential to help investors, Isaac partnered with Harry to launch a new kind of asset management firm. 

With Harry as our Chief Investment Officer and Head of Research, and Isaac as our Chief Operating Officer and Head of Compliance, QuantStreet was born to help investors build wealth and meet their financial goals and to empower other asset managers to make rigorous, quantitatively-driven investment decisions for their own clients.

Investment advisers and asset managers can subscribe to our model portfolios, retain us for consulting, or have us serve as their outside chief investment officer. Individuals can invest in QuantStreet’s strategies, work with us on custom portfolio management, or engage us for personalized financial planning

We deeply appreciate that you trust us to invest your funds and create and preserve wealth. We set out to make wise investment decisions and carefully manage risk. That’s our goal every day. 

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