Technology and data are changing everything. How about your investments?

We use data and analytics to help create and preserve wealth. Clients choose from custom portfolio management, model portfolio delivery, investing in a QuantStreet strategy,  OCIO, and personalized financial planning

Optimal Portfolios by Risk Level

Option 1: Model Delivery

Have you considered outsourcing your firm’s CIO function but ultimately decided to keep the investing decisions in-house? Do you have multiple advisers who invest similarly-situated clients inconsistently? Would a rigorous investment strategy help? QuantStreet’s model portfolios may be your solution.

On a monthly basis, subscribers receive two sets of ETF-based model portfolios: (1) base portfolios, which change very slowly over time, and (2) tactical portfolios, which can change 5-10% per month. We also provide detailed explanations of the rationale behind the models and investing decisions.

Option 2: Invest in a QuantStreet Strategy 

You’ll choose your risk level and investment goals, and we’ll suggest a QuantStreet investment strategy that’s most suitable to you. We offer a low risk, moderate, and aggressive strategy. Prefer a custom portfolio? We do that too.

Portfolio Construction Process

Option 3: Portfolio Management

Do you want us to build a custom portfolio based on your unique circumstances? Do you have restricted stock from your employer? Own a company? We design portfolios that take into account your unique circumstances and goals.

Option 4: Outside Chief Investment Officer Services

We offer outsourced portfolio management to investment advisers and portfolio managers, so that you can focus on providing a full spectrum of financial services to your clients while we provide professional investing and portfolio management. Alternative, you can consider our model delivery services and handle the trades yourself.

Option 5: Consulting

You can retain QuantStreet for a full suite of consulting services. Whether it’s analyzing your current investments, managing investment risk, writing market analysis, or refining your investing process, we’re glad to help.

Option 6: Traditional Financial Planning

Are you interested in financial planning? We’ll meet with you, understand your goals and current investments, and put together a custom plan.


Harnessing the Data and Analytics Revolution

We are in the midst of a data and analytics revolution. Computers routinely process ever-growing volumes of information that individual investors are unable to fully digest on their own. New tools are continuously being created to help extract valuable insights from this sea of data.

Our Chief Investment Officer has decades of experience as an investor at some of the world’s largest financial institutions and as a professor of finance who studies the financial markets and teaches investing to others.

By working at the intersection of industry and academia, while leveraging the data revolution, our CIO developed sophisticated machine learning tools to optimally position clients to reach your investment goals.

Featured in prominent publications including:

New York Times
The Washington Post
The Journal of Alternative Investments
The Journal of Financial Economics
The Journal of Finance
The Review of Financial Studies

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