Portfolio Management and Investing for Camps and Camp Professionals

QuantStreet Capital helps private camp owners and investors, nonprofit boards and endowments, and individual camp employees manage their assets and make wise investment decisions.

Our CIO, Dr. Harry Mamaysky, is a business school professor with a doctorate in finance who has two decades of investing experience. Harry will be glad to help you think through your investing needs. You can email him at hmamaysky@quantstreetcapital.com or call 212-537-3877.

Private Camp Financial Management

Many private camps have significant assets at the end of each year that are often reinvested in camp for lack of better options (and therefore not diversified), sitting in bank accounts with no financial benefit to camp, or invested with high fees in suboptimal portfolios.

QuantStreet helps private camps align their financial goals with their investments. Using a sophisticated mathematical model created by our CIO, QuantStreet can help you assess how much to invest in your camp each year, how much debt to pay off each year, and how much to put into diversified market investments – all based on your longterm financial goals.

Nonprofit Camps and Endowments

Whether a nonprofit camp has a significant endowment or is working to establish one, QuantStreet Capital provides professional investment management services to help align your financial goals and income needs with your investment strategies.

We can also help nonprofits and endowments assess whether their current investment strategies are meeting their organizational goals and any conditions that donors have placed on endowment funds. QuantStreet can help you think through the best strategies to achieve your goals.

Individual Camp Employees

Just as QuantStreet helps camps manage budgets and endowments, we help individual camp professionals make wise personal investment decisions that support their long term financial goals. Whether you are looking to achieve a particular retirement outcome or help pay for lifecycle events like college and weddings, we are glad to provide thoughtful, research-based portfolio management to help achieve your investment goals.

Short-Term Asset Management

For many camps, there comes a time of year when they’ve charged their families for the summer but still have a few months before camp begins and summer spending needs arise.

Does your camp have hundreds of thousands of dollars, or more, sitting in a bank account during these months with no financial benefit to camp? If so, QuantStreet can help you identify safe ways to invest this money on a short-term basis so it works for camp until you need to spend it.

View our presentation on Short-Term Cash Management for Camps.

Schedule a Free Financial Assessment

QuantStreet is glad to sit with you, your investors, your co-owners, your leadership staff, or your board of directors, to evaluate how your current financial management and investment strategies are meeting your goals.

Would you like to schedule a consultation? Please email hello@quantstreetcapital.com or call 212-537-3877. Our CIO is also always glad to connect with camp clients directly. You can contact Harry at hmamaysky@quantstreetcapital.com.